Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 04/15/10

Do you have "writer's block"? Not sure where to begin? Can't figure out what to be grateful for when your life seems to be going downhill faster than a falling rock?

What usually stops us from doing these types of exercises is often caused by the fact that we just can't see how this will help us in any way. You need to pay your electric bill or they'll be shutting the power off... how does writing in a journal help in any way?

Well, to tell the truth - writing out a gratitude list won't help pay that power bill.

What it WILL do is help you to shift your focus away from scarcity and worry, and instead help to create a focus on gratefulness - and hopefully you will begin to see the large amount of abundance and prosperity that you already have in your life. This whole exercise, in turn, will begin to spark new ideas on how you can pay that bill!

Sound complicated? Truly, it's not.

Hard to believe that doing a gratitude list each day can accomplish this? I can see your point, but if you haven't tried it (and I mean did it consistently over several weeks), then how do you know it doesn't work? Where's your proof?

You see, when you're so focused on the lack of money or the lack of anything for that matter, that is ALL that you can think about. You fall into an anxiety-producing depression with a "why bother?" mindset, and so any idea that may be presented to you will be dismissed as "too hard," "not doable," "impossible to accomplish."

Think about that for a moment. Isn't the above statement true? How often have you been given advice on how to do something about your situation and you just couldn't get your mind to consider it seriously? By creating a gratitude list each and every day, you shift your perspective. New possibilities begin to open up. Ideas start to form... and from there you can take action. And that inspired action is what leads to amazing results.

In any case, just give it a try for one month. Just for 30 days. See for yourself how powerful a gratitude list can be when you commit to writing one at the end of each day consistently. Start today, This Day! by joining Greg and Lynn with your own Thankful Thursday post.

Peace and Joy,

Romans 13:6-7 (NIV) 6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. 7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.


Mari said...

Thanks for this post today Susan. Things are pretty bleak this month, and I have been prone to worry again. But today, i want to remain positive and grateful...and will make my list of what to be thankful for. First, being YOU and for encouraging me this morning.
Thanks. xoxo

gigi said...

This is always a good thing.

Valencia said...

Very powerful post!

Mary said...

I've gotta be perfectly honest with you: just having a blog has made me look at things in a more positive light. From being thankful for the little things to seeing God's beauty in everyday things. Making a list is an excellent idea!

Angel Muly said...

Great post!! Since starting my blog, I have done a Why I Count it all Joy Wednesday post. It is only once a week but has sure helped me look at all the positive. Haven't thought about doing it daily but that is a great idea, thanks.
Love, Angel

Loren said...

I agree Susan....when we see all the blessings it changes everything!

I pray you have a beautiful Thursday

Jane In The Jungle said...

Love this!! And it is so true!


KrippledWarrior said...

You are wise for someone so young. Very wise indeed.

shortmama said...

I couldnt agree more!

Denise said...

Great idea.

Jenny said...

Great post girl..I will have to try this, I think it might help when I am focusing to much on the material's of our life instead of the substance :)

Debbie said...

I so agree with you Susan. My perspective totally changes when I focus on gratitude. There's always something I can be thankful for despite challenges in life.

I don't know what people do without the Lord.

Blessings and love,

Rita T. said...

Writer's block gets me now and then and frustrates me to no end! Loved your post.

Nana Jul said...

I know it works! Enter his gates with Thanksgiving! He'll turn your life around!!
He's Faithful!

Sandy said...

What an awesome Thankful Thursday post, Susan! and a great scripture on tax day, too!
You are such a great blogger!

maren said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from UBP! I'm excited to follow yours! Appreciated this post. I truly have much in which to be grateful!

Lindsey said...

LOVED this post!!! Thanks for this, I needed it! And thanks for your advice on my blog friend!=)

Letherton said...

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