Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 8/6/09

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! This is the day each week that I list five things for which I am thankful. They can be silly or serious, big or small because God honors them all.

1) I'm thankful for my wonderful husband. His warped sense of humor has, at times, laughed me to tears.

2) My dear friend, Patty. She is a true prayer warrior who can be called upon day or night (and I have). I can always count on her wisdom and reasoning when mine seems to have flown out the window.

3) I'm thankful for the sights and sounds of summer: flowers blooming, birds singing, crickets chirping, lightening bugs blinking, water splashing, and children laughing.

4) I'm thankful that God has so richly blessed us that we are able to help our children when they are in need.

5) I'm thankful each and every day that Jesus loves me.

What are you thankful for today, This Day? Please leave me a comment and tell me why you are thankful today, This Day. You can also hop on over to Sonya's Truth 4 the Journey our host and leave your comment there.

Peace and Joy,

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Jane In The Jungle said...

Great list Susan...It's always good to have a friend to call o day and night, I have one too and her name is Patsy, ironic huh!!

Anonymous said...

I always love to read your lists!

Deb said...

A true friend who will pray with you is a blessing indeed....
Lovin' this list!

sara said...

that is a great list! mine is up at my blog!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Fantastic post Susan! I am thankful that I have so many blogging buddies like you who are so wonderful to me!

Sarah Dawn said...

What a joy to find you 'THIS DAY" I love Thankful Thursdays as I get drenched in God's faithfulness and love.

Delighted to meet you.

Hugs from Costa RIca,
Sarah Dawn

Valencia said...

My kids just lover these they are just too cute!!

Mary Moss said...

I love your list! Husbands seem to be a common theme this week:-) Thanks for your sharing your enthusiasm.

gigi said...

I love your list every week. You are so richly blessed, as am I.
Thank you God.
Many Blessings.

Pat said...

I loved your blog, blog purpose and your list. I have one of those prayer warrior friends too, they are a true blessing.

lagirl/sweet tea said...

I KNOW I need to count my blessings more cuz it cultivates a Thankful heart and Contentment. Thanks for the great reminder.
I am blessed.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Always a great list!
Collette xxx

Yolanda said...

Oh how I miss the lightning bugs. There are not any in our area, but I love when we travel and I get to see them.

Heart2Heart said...


I stopped by here after seeing that you have left a comment on my blog. I must say I love your list! We have a lot of the same things in common to be thankful for, great hubbies, great friends, and amazing kids, plus the love of God.

I am so glad to see that you are part of Sonya's Thankful Thursdays and I have decided to follow you as well. I hope to get to know you and help encourage and motivate you through everyday good and bad!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Debbie said...

Great list! Laughing to tears is SO FUN!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful list. Thanks for your comments on mine.
From the Heart,

Kim said...

Sounds like our hubbys might be related -- or at least their sense of humor is :-)

Thanks for the link to the photo of Victoria Snow. Except her hair is different in the photo. But it's all okay 'cause I was able to capture the photos right from the show and print them out. Now trying to decide if I like my new cut. LOL New styles always take a while to get used to!

My internet is too slow to watch the video right now but I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great weekend!