Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

At the encouragement of Chatty Kelly who is Sometimes Teaching Always Learning about God's Love, I decided to join in on Thankful Thursday. I'm thinking that it will be harder to whittle the list down to five that come up with five. This is my first one, so I'll start with the basics and go from there. So today, This Day, here are the top five things I'm thankful for:

  1. Salvation through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. God's Word, my guidebook.
  3. My wonderful husband. He is such a blessing.
  4. My family, about as normal as abnormal can be....and I love each and every one of them.
  5. A home. Even though we just sold our house and are moving (more on that another time), wherever God takes us we will be at home because He will be with us.
What are you thankful for today, This Day? Leave me a comment or link up at Truth 4 the Journey.

Peace and Joy,

Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV) 22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


gigi said...

YOU SOLD A HOUSE in this market?? Awsome, you are very blessed to do so. We have so many freinds that have been trying to sell this last year and have not been able to sell to anyone.

Deb said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday!! I noticed in your profile that you ride a Harley! That's great because I don't find many women who like to ride bikes. While I don't drive my own, I love sitting behind DH and riding with him!!

Truth4thejourney said...

Wherever God takes us we will be at home because He will be with us. I love that phrase! My family is also about to buy a new house so this phrase should be on our doorstep (or perhaps forehead?) LOL!

Glad you joined in today, it really hit the spot. :)


Chatty Kelly said...

I loved your list! #4 was my favorite! My family seems to be normally abnormal too!

Thanks for the shout out too! You are so sweet. :-)

Denise said...

Abnormally normal families! Love it! A good reminder to be thankful for even the abnormal! Great list.


Susan D said...

Gigi: I crazy is that! Talk about God working. Whew! I'll be posting the whole story soon.

Deb: I l.o.v.e. riding my own. There's a photo of me & my "scooter" here:

Sonya: I think I'm going to ask another blogger friend to do a canvas for me with this slogan on it to put in our new house.

Kelly: You are a blessing. T/Y

Denise: I'm thankful there are no "normal" families in the Bible. We fit right in! lol

Laurie said...

Great blog and list sister! And, that is great that you have sold your home. Abnormally normal indeed. I can relate to this as well.

Anonymous said...

I am so Thankful today that I stumbled upon your blog. Thankful Thursday has helped me along the way and I am seeing things a little differently this is only my 3rd week...but I do want to keep it up.

I am a CMA member as well...I do not ride my own...ride with the's quality time, when I'm not talking to him on the ride...I'm free to talk to God! So if you ever pass a black night train with a passenger singing old hymnals to the top of her lungs...THAT'S US! LOL.

Marcie @ Grace Required Here said...

Loved your post! Wish I could ride, but I too enjoy hanging on to my DH, on the back of his bike. Look forward to reading more of your blog and finding out if you have a picture of yourself on you bike! :]

Lois Lane II said...

Today I am thankful that my life seems to be calming down, that I get comp time for working this weekend, that my yard will be mowed, that tonight looks very calm and not busy, and that I am prepared for my class today. =)

Anonymous said...

Just checked out your scooter!!! It is so cute...I have actually considered the heritage for myself...I am short and it is lower anyway...I also know two other gals in the CMA who have one!

Jessica said...

I like the idea of Thankful's so important to thank God for all of His many blessings

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Welcome to thankful Thursday! I started it the first of the year but have had a hard time getting to it (like I"ve done maybe 3). The basics are always good!

Andrea said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for. Beautiful post as usual, Susan. :)

Anonymous said...

I to love this list. If a family is normal...I don't trust 'em! Hugs~
All Things Heart and Home

Anonymous said...

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