Monday, June 29, 2009

Turn and Face It

Several weeks ago I started the Beth Moore series "Believing God." The studies, presentations, revelation, have all helped me see God through new eyes. I was moving along from chapter to chapter....lesson to lesson until I hit "the wall." It was the part about my words and thoughts. How these words and thoughts can bring life or death to me and to others. There are times when I use words to beat myself up. The words I say to myself are very unkind. Words that I would not speak aloud against someone else. Yet I use them against myself regularly. Do you ever do that?

When I hit this part of the study.....basically, I just stopped studying. I didn't want to uncover the root of the hurtful words. Maybe because I have told myself those things for so long, I actually believe them. Whatever the reason, I was running from God's truth about me.

Then I came upon another on-line Bible study on Jennifer Rothschild's book.....Me, Myself, & Lies. So without really exploring it, I purchased the book and was super excited about starting the study. Are you familiar with this book? Do you know the subject? It's about cleaning out your thought closet.

Ok.....who's laughing? Because really, it is funny. Who, besides me, can see the irony in this? Who besides me can see that God is not going to let me walk away from this topic. Who, besides me, believes God is telling me that it's time I turned and faced whatever fear is holding me back from cleaning up my thoughts. But it's more than just about cleaning up my thoughts. It's about recognizing, accepting, and believing who I am in Christ.

How can I say that God will do this for others and not for me? I cannot. That would put God in a box and limit Him. What fears do you face today, This Day? Turn and face them with me as we find strength in God together.

Peace and Joy,

Psalm 138:8 (NIV) The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever—do not abandon the works of your hands.


Unknown said...

i've recently started a beth moore book as well the one about Psalms of Ascent. I was doing well but just got lost in time and business :'( and i know what you mean about the thought closet, i think that's a topic that pretty much haunts everyone! haha!

gigi said...

Very insightful! Good for you to stand and face it like a daughter of God that you are.

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

It's hard to imagine that you see yourself as anything less than the wonderful, kind, encouraging woman you are in Christ. You are royalty and haven't fully recognized it yet. Don't run, but instead, Listen. You've no reason to be fearful. You're in for a real treat, Your Majesty.

Mari said...

I do that too and you are so right about it. I love that God put that book in your path.
PS - feel free to use the kids proverbs. I got them in an e-mail.

Unknown said...

Beth Moore is very good. I like her books always enlightening