Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Throne Trip Tuesdays - How to Get Along Better

Proven ways to get along better with EVERYONE:

1. Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself 3 things:
- Is it true?
- Is it kind?
- Is it necessary?

2. Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully.

3. Never miss the opportunity to compliment or say something encouraging to someone.

4. Refuse to talk negatively about others; don't gossip and don't listen to gossip.

5. Have a forgiving view of people. Believe that most people are doing the best they can.

6. Keep an open mind; discuss, but don't argue. (It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.)

7. Forget about counting to 10. Count to 1,000 before doing or saying anything that could make matters worse.

8. Let your virtues speak for themselves.

9. If someone criticizes you, see if there is any TRUTH to what he is saying; if so, make changes. If there is no truth to the criticism, ignore it and live so that no one will believe the negative remark.

10. Cultivate your sense of humor; laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

11. Do not seek so much to be consoled, as to console; do not seek so much to be understood, as to understand; do not seek so much to be loved as to love.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this list. Do you have a way to get along with others that is not listed here?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.

Peace and Joy,

Matthew 7:12 (NKJV) Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.


H-Mama said...

the world would be a much better place if it truly lived by the rules of love intended for us, right? great list! :)

April said...

Susan...I agree with every single point you made! I always try hard to treat others the way I, myself, want to be treated. Sometimes, I might fall short, but my intentions are good.

Sami said...

I love this list! I think we all need a little reminder every once in a while about how to be more caring and understanding to one another.
I know I really needed to be reminded about this today.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Such an excellent list Susan. As I grow older, I am better able to follow these suggestions and remember my parents teaching me the importance of these.

I have met two young men lately (who were doing work on our house) who had special needs that were not obvious. What seemed rude or unusual behavior to me was actually something they had no control over. It reminds me that things are not always what they seem and an understanding heart is the greatest gift we can offer.

Sweet Tea said...

What a difference it would make if we would all live by these rules. Perhaps I should recite them aloud every day to remind myself. Treat post, Susan!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

I think that is about as complete as it can be. What a great list and one that needs to be heeded by all. Great entry and Easter blessings to you!