Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Menagerie HodgePodge and We Want to Know Wednesday

1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse? Well, let's see. 
Refrigerator because you are what you eat.

Or maybe. Purse because you carry what is valuable to you everywhere you go. 

You thought I could pick just one? Really? I didn't think so.

2. When was the last time you went to the zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal? Last summer. We took the grand-boy to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a great time. A favorite zoo animal? One? Really? How bout least favorite? Snakes.   

3. What social issue fires you up? I'd rather not say specifically. I don't want to get into a debate about it. I will say that it is a hot topic that I'm sick and tired of being shoved down my throat as normalcy. There is a lot of truth to the saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. How sad that the American people are being bullied into accepting an ungodly belief by a very small majority. This small majority has not only infiltrated our elementary school system, they are trying to make it a crime to speak publicly about faith in God. Saying that it incites hate. Whew! Glad I'm not going to talk about that subject. ahahaha

4. Are you a coupon clipper? If so, are you extreme? Yes, I cut out coupons for items I buy regularly. Sadly, I usually forget about them until after they have expired.

5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels? A rock. I use it as a paper weight on my desk.

6. Lemon meringue or key lime? Lemon meringue.

7. What is the most beautiful word you know in any language? I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I'm working on my summer canning gotta do list. Strawberries are the first in season here. I'll be freezing some. Making shortcake. Perhaps some jam. Does anyone have a killer strawberry recipe to share? One that is your go to recipe?


I'm also joining in with Mamarazzi's "We Want to Know Wednesday."

The theme this week is things that will not likely happen but they MIGHT, so having an answer would be a good idea, you know...just in case.

I am all about being prepared. You. Are. Welcome.

{1} If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be? I was going to pick mind control, but I think being invisible would be much more fun and practical.
{2} What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? (and don't say "that's not a lot of money", it sounds pretentious) Rims for my Harley. I know.....kinda lame, but I've been wanting them for a while. I'm just not willing to bust up with the $$$$ for them.
{3} What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up? My cell phone. It would be so hard to go back to long distance toll charges to talk with all my family and friends.
{4} If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose? Definitely wisdom. With wisdom a person can make their own wealth.
{5} I you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days what 5 THINGS would you pack? 
My me, it needs no explanation
A cast iron bakes, fries, braises, and is easy to keep clean
A flint....gotta start a fire somehow
A hammock....sleeping off the ground is a big thing with me
An axe or machete.....gotta be able to build a shelter, forge a path, clean a fish

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Please hop on over to Joyce's or Mamarazzi's to read other participants answers or better yet, link up with your own. 

Peace and Joy,

Hebrews 6:10 (NKJV) For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.


Joyce said...

I love strawberry freezer jam-so easy! I haven't made it in years but I'm determined to pick berries this year and make some jam. And shortcake. I love strawberry shortcake!

Mamarazzi said...

invisibility really is far more practical.

we have a few of the same answers...except i don't have a Harley that needs some fancy new

great answers, thanks for linking up!!

Penny said...

Love it!!! And now I want a lemon meringue pie, lol!!

Kelly said...

I love me some strawberries...yummy:)

Thena said...

Great answers. As our youth Pastor said Sunday night we don't think of persucution of the Christian in the United States. But it's there whether we want to admit it or not.

Thena said...

Great answers. As our youth Pastor said Sunday night we don't think of persucution of the Christian in the United States. But it's there whether we want to admit it or not.

Anonymous said...

I think that if Christians were more proactive in their communities and society in general, then things would be a lot different in this country. Politicians are too afraid of not being elected for acting on their views, and this hurts our nation as a whole.

VandyJ said...

A hammock would definitely be nice!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Christians are the only group of people that it's ok to make jokes about. You wouldn't tell a joke based on sexual preference or ethnicity or gender - but you can tell a "there was a Jew, a Christian, and a lawyer" jokes all day long and no one thinks a thing about it.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a bad Survivor viewer. I never once thought to bring flint or something to make fire. Shame on me!! :o)

The hammock is a nice idea, too! Who likes to sleep on banana leaves?? :o)

Sarah Kate

Kim said...

We have discovered that strawberry shortcake is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if you use chocolate scones as the base instead of shortcake (or whatever). I have the recipe for it on my recipe blog.

Of course chocolate scones are also good alone for breakfast or snacks, but topped with strawberries and whipped cream, they're fantastic!